Our Advantage is Your Advantage.

Our advantage is our years of experience and expertise in development, construction, leasing, and property management. The advantage to you? Surprisingly low market tax and CAM – with surprisingly high-quality properties.

  • We believe in keeping money in your pocket. Money you can instead invest in your own company. Which explains why we have so many long-term tenants and an amazing 97% renewal rate.
  • We are a local, family-owned company—that means YOU have direct access to our owners and management team.
  • We keep our rent, tax, and CAM among the lowest on the market—that means YOU save money.
  • Until recently, we managed only buildings we owned. So we only know one way to manage a property—like it’s ours. So you can expect an unusually high standard of maintenance and improvements.
  • Our vast amount of square footage allows us to be flexible towards our tenants' needs.

The Roberts Advantage—Five simple principles with one goal in mind—helping your business succeed.

Understand. Any good business decision is based on understanding and choosing the location of your business is no exception. We work closely with you to ensure both your financial and business objectives are met. Nicholas Roberts, company vice president, makes every attempt to be present at all space showings, enabling us to make decisions quickly and efficiently. Your time is valuable and having Nicholas right there means no time is wasted with a broker telling you “I will need to check with the owners”.

Propose. Based on our understanding of your goals, we propose solutions that will best work to meet those goals—now and in the future. Thus, our tag line “Focused on YOU and your business needs”.

Execute. Once the decision is made to lease your new space, we don’t waste any time making it happen—on time. We want your move to be as seamless as possible and our Property/Construction Manager will work with you every step of the way to ensure it happens.

Maintain. After earning your business, it becomes our top priority to maintain your business. That means keeping up our properties’ excellent curb appeal. Through the use of our in-house team we maintain high quality buildings and remedy problems quickly, while keeping CAM costs among the lowest in our market. A low CAM fee means more operating capital for your company.

Renew. As your company’s needs evolve over time, so will your space requirements. Whether you plan to expand or consolidate, we can work with you to meet any new business goals. Our ability to provide effective solutions for our tenants resulted in a 97% successful renewal rate during 2010.